You Should CAN Write a Book Workshop with Barbara Dee

Book Publisher’s Inside Secrets to Choosing Your Best Book Topic AND ----

Her Proven Blueprint to Outline, Write and Get Published

How to go from zero to published and gain instant credibility


What You'll Learn

Your Ideal Book Topic

  • Know for sure if your inkling or book idea is a good one

  • Learn the number one mistake to avoid the first time you start writing a non-fiction book

  • Discover that writing a non-fiction book is not a mystery when you know the steps

Engage Your Ideal Audience

  • Why it’s important to understand your target audience (much more than you think you need to)

  • Why narrowing your focus expands your impact

  • How to fine-tune your theme or message

Non-Fiction Book Outline

  • Why you should never try to start a book beginning on page one

  • Learn a simple system to save you tons of time

  • Download a proven template to build your book

What Our Authors Say

No one automatically knows how to start and write a book for the first time. Not even best-selling authors we all recognize today. This workshop shares proven steps and solutions so you can be successful with your very first book project.

"Being a published author definitely sets me apart from everyone out there with just an opinion. 

Media or those looking for keynote speakers want someone with my expertise and background as a political science professor, but how they find me is often because they see that I am ‘the one who wrote the book’.  Barbara Dee and her team have been invaluable to me on several book projects already…more to come!

Jeffery R. Orenstein, Ph.D.

I fooled around trying to write a book to help my speaking  career for two years—more like three. Then I found Barbara Dee. I wrote and published my first book, Freedom to Succeed, and this allowed me to charge higher speaking fees and also get many more small business coaching clients. 

 I speak all over the country and currently have FOUR books for sale in the back of the room at events. I am very excited about starting my next book!

David Kauffman, 
Empowering Small Business, LLC
Speaker, Author, Trainer

Thank you to my publisher, Barbara Dee, for pulling it all together and encouraging me at every step.

Angela Golden Bryan
Author, Screenplay Writer, Actor


Barbara Dee

Barbara Dee is President of Suncoast Digital Press, Inc., and founder of Archer Inspired Learning. Her experience spans decades as an entrepreneur and published author with over nine years in the book publishing business.

As a Master Certified Coach, Barbara Dee has helped hundreds of professionals and business owners maximize their success in all areas of life. As a business coach, she discovered that becoming a “published author” is the fastest, most effective way to gain instant credibility, build your personal brand, and vastly expand your influence. This discovery gave Barbara the confidence to write You Should Write a Book! (published in 2013) and pursue her passion for helping others to plan, write, and publish their own book.

Barbara Dee recently returned to live near where she was born and raised in Central Florida. There she enjoys her passions of writing, reading, fishing, and kayaking—often on the same outing.

In this Workshop We'll Cover:

A proven system, plus coaching and examples, guaranteeing your success in writing a non-fiction book and becoming a published author. This workshop is the beginning for you to finally write the book that is inside of you wanting to come out.

Video 1: Find Your Ideal Book Topic

How would you like to write a book which will not only give you authority status, but also a passive income stream from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others? Your best and most-likely-to-succeed topic will be one which you can expertly write about, genuinely care about, and which has a large enough, interested audience.

Video 2: Engage Your Ideal Audience

Visualize who would be interested in the content of your book—when your audience feels as if you are writing to them, connection happens. You become someone they know, like and trust. Learn the best strategy for focusing your message and attracting your ideal audience.

Video 3: How to Plan Your Book Outline

Learn a simple system to save you tons of time. Discover 5 helpful tips to avoid being stuck and stay in the flow. Follow along with a downloadable template and complete a significant step on your way to writing a great non-fiction book.

Video 4: How to Fast-Track Your Personal Brand

Learn 3 insider strategies to leverage your book even before it is completed or published.

With speaking opportunities and companion products, for example, you will multiply your income and rewards of being a published author.